Hello world!

This is my new website, in advance of the publication of my memoir, tentatively titled “Right to Exist: How I became a Transgender Activist”. I’ve uploaded a few photos of me down through the years, and will add more as I’m able, among all the other projects I’m currently working on.

What projects, you ask? Well, the publication of my manuscript is certainly a task in itself. Then there’s Gordene’s jewelry website, helping her sell her amazing work. I’m also board secretary for the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, an amazing organization that provides a broad range of services to community members all across the state, including the incarcerated. On the technical side, I’m working with a group of students from New Mexico Tech on the design of a smart controller for evaporative coolers, a big deal here in the desert Southwest.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be adding more content and helpful resources in the coming days, so do come back!

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